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Volunteer with us

We need lots of help with so many animals to care for. Our volunteers are invaluable. If you want to have a deeper understanding of animals and their welfare, why not think about volunteering with us? Some of it is mucky work, we won't lie to you! But it's amazing what you discover about your own capabilities and the connection with Earth's special creatures.

Read this page to see if volunteering at Galahad's Sanctuary is for you.
If it is, write to us by clicking on the green button below.

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Our Volunteer Tasks

​Each and every day of the week the animals need care, feeding, cleaning of their housing and routine animal husbandry practices. You can't take weekends off with animals!


Tasks can include:


  • painting,

  • removing or fixing fencing,

  • picking up poo,

  • weed eradication,

  • piling up fallen branches for fires,

  • raking hay,

  • cleaning chicken coops and more.

You can volunteer on a regular basis (which we love) or register to help with our working bees and events. 

If you prefer voluntary work that involves office tasks, let us know. Sometimes we need help putting things in envelopes, distributing brochures, or helping to organise an event.


Whilst some outdoor tasks are not glamorous and are often arduous and dirty, they greatly assist in keeping our many resident rescue animals safe, happy and healthy. 

What we do promise is lots of laughter and the opportunity to meet people who share your love of animals. We embrace community at Galahad's Sanctuary.


Of course, you're sure to get some sneaky cuddles and meet the animals as well.  

If you would like to help our animal ambassadors with everyday tasks, please get in contact.  All help is truly appreciated.  Please also sign up as a member so that I can contact you with working bee dates and upcoming events.

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