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Our Latest Rescues

Galahad’s Sanctuary, rock band and poet rescue animals! 

Imagine receiving a call to rescue two ponies, two donkeys, one baby camel and three sheep out of the blue in Kinglake? This is a typical day in the life of a rescuer.  Lynne received the call from Ken, owner of Craigieburn Bottle-O, who had just acquired a petrol station. The animals were an “attraction” next to the petrol station in inadequate conditions. There had been numerous complaints to the RSPCA. He wanted to ensure their safety. Ken also very generously donated their feeders, water trough, fencing and shelter. Lynne and volunteers spent four days taking down the fencing and shelter and securing the animals to Galahad’s Sanctuary.  Half of the volunteers were from the band Backlash, a 60s/70’s pub rock band, also joined by Paul a published poet from P G Holroyd, Poetry.


The ponies have been claimed by their previous owner Victor from Cute & Cuddly Pony Hire in Sunbury and St Kilda, who is going to take care of the needs of the stallion and pregnant mare. 

Their care will involve ongoing veterinary bills for vaccinations and gelding, plus worming, feet trimming, training, fencing, shelter and feed. 

In support of Galahad's Sanctuary, Backlash are back together for a night of great music and fun to raise funds for the rescued animals on Sat, 4 March, 2023 from 7:30pm at the Gisborne Golf Club.  100% profit from ticket sales, merchandise and raffles held during the night will be directed to the welfare of the animals on the sanctuary and further rescues. Raffle prizes have been donated by Myths & Legends, Gisborne Petstock, Sunbury Stockfeed and 4Paws & More Pet Supplies. You can buy tickets and/or make a donation if you cannot make it through Eventbrite here.

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