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To donate either a one off payment or set up a regular monthly subscription of your choice via Paypal you can do so via the top Donate button on the right. If you are a regular subscriber, or interested in what we do, please sign up as a member (top toolbar next to social media) so I can send you updates and photos via email.  I will set up newsletters and events for my members in the future.  

If you prefer to donate via Credit Card or a Manual EFT Transfer please use the other donation buttons. Again, if you do make a credit card or a manual EFT transfer please remember to send your contact details by signing up as a member so I can say a very big thank you and send you updates! 

All of your contributions will go directly towards the feed, enrichment, care and vet bills of the animals at my sanctuary. It will also help me to rescue other animals in the future.  

Galahad's Sanctuary is not a charity and as such cannot issue tax receipts. However all donations are held in a separate bank account and used only for the animals. The bulk of my personal salary and savings has gone towards caring for the animals and providing them a loving sanctuary.  Also very important to me are people, and a large part of my joy is helping them to reconnect with animals on equal footing and not based around use or profit.  

I can't thank you enough for your donations and support and could not do it without you!  

Milkshake the gorgeous camel photographed here is puckering up for a big thank you kiss just for you! 

Volunteers & Membership

If you would like to help our animal ambassadors with everyday tasks, please get in contact.  All help is truly appreciated.  Please also sign up as a member so that I can contact you with working bee dates and upcoming events.

Each and every day of the week the animals need care, feeding, cleaning of their housing and routine animal husbandry practices. If you can offer a helping hand please get into contact with me.  Tasks can include painting, removing or fixing fencing, picking up poo, weed eradication, piling up fallen branches for fires, raking hay, cleaning chicken coops and more. Whilst these tasks are not glamorous and are often arduous and dirty, they greatly assist in keeping our many resident animals safe, happy and healthy. Feel free to get some sneaky cuddles and meet the animals when you volunteer as well.  

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