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Call for Sponsors

All of your financial support goes directly towards the feed, enrichment, care and vet bills of the animals at my sanctuary. It will also help me to rescue other animals in the future. There's another reason we love your support. Often, it comes at a time when we're struggling with an unexpected vet bill, a shortage of grass feed or a storm damaging fences and shelters. Thank you for considering a financial contribution to Galahad's Sanctuary. It means so much.

Galahad's Sanctuary is a sustainable entity dedicated to rescuing animals. We are not registered as a charity. As such, our receipts are not tax-deductible. All financial support is held in a dedicated bank account used only for the animals. The bulk of my personal salary and savings goes towards caring for the animals and providing them a loving sanctuary. 

Our Sponsors


An enormous thank you to Ken Magdadaro from Craigieburn Bottle-O and Bottlemart Craigieburn.  Ken had animals in need on a business he recently acquired and sought help for them. The previous owner had left them there for him to deal with. He called the RSPCA who passed on our contact details. Ken really cared what happened to them and donated to us all of their feeders, fencing and large shelter. They were an “attraction” next to a petrol station. Not great conditions at all, in fact we were meant to pick up two alpacas as well but they died just before we got there. All of the males are intact and females pregnant. The paddock had broken glass, rubbish and contaminated water and was a dust bowl. They needed vet visits, worming, patience and gentle training so that we could trim their feet and earn their trust to touch them.

Here are their stories:  Before and After.

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