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Media and Awards

These are some of the awards, videos, movies, adverts and articles that Galahad's Sanctuary and its animals have been involved in.  


Music Video's filmed at Galahad's Sanctuary

Blvk Harrison - Body Shot [Behind the Scenes], A Production by MaxFilm Directed by Max Retro, Produced by Mailen Ramirez.


Blvk Harrison - Body Shot, A Production by MaxFilm Directed by Max Retro, Produced by Mailen Ramirez.

Galahad's Legacy


Galahad passed away in December 2019, but left his legacy with this sanctuary and all the people that met him and felt their hearts changed by the experience. He was the love of my life. This was his power. The power of love. This was some of Galahad's acting background:


Galahad was with Dr Harry at the Royal Children's Hospital in Better Homes and Gardens:

(The last story in this episode (episode 6) is about the healing power of animals where Harry visits the Royal Children's Hospital and meets the pet therapy dogs Galahad and Rolf. It's about 36 minutes into the show.) 

Here is the video edited out:

The Royal Children's Hospital's App - Ed and the Serious Crew:

Galahad in a Bodiology Supplement advert. Filmed in August 2018


Galahad in the new Honda advert released on Sunday 12 August 2018 and on their billboards.


Galahad was in the Movie Judy and Punch, released in 2019.


Galahad was in an Advert for the Pet Advance Project:

Music Video - World's End Press and their song Drag Me Home:

Gisborne Gazette Newspaper Article - November 2021
Herald Sun, Page 9 - 8 January 2022
Herald Sun, Page 7 - 13 February 2023
The Advocate, by Patricia Jenkins - 22 February 2022
The Advocate.JPG
Award Nominations
Animal Justice Awards at the Animal Rights Forum
The Voiceless Award for Animal Protection Education will be awarded to an Australian sanctuary, educator, or influencer who uses educational strategies to raise awareness of or promote critical thinking about animal protection issues.
The Animals Australia Award for Effective Advocacy will be awarded to an individual or organisation that has undertaken innovative and effective values-based advocacy to further the animal cause through a shift in the human/animal relationship.
Gisborne Gazette Article
Herald Sun
Herald Sun 2
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